Who We Are

The “sunset decade” ministry of Dr. H.D. McCarty at Ventures for Christ seeks to make plain to others his exciting, challenging, and rewarding insights on how to live the Christ Life more fully. His illustrated teaching he calls graphic theology is now available to hungry and interested believers who are seeking the biblical key to the mind and heart of Christ Jesus. He is convinced that this key rests in the concept of the true cross-disciple seeking and becoming a Triune thinker. His teaching, writing, speaking, and counseling are all pointed at making this principal clear to as many as the Lord gives opportunity. Triune thinking is the beginning step that ultimately leads to pinnacle perception, which is seeing all things with the eyes of Christ and, thereby, increasing your oneness with the Godhead. This is the goal of life.

The essence of the Ventures message centers in assessing, possessing, and expressing the mind of Christ. This is the one thing necessary, according to Jesus, which will give us His kind of life forever. Life is an adventure that begins with Triune thinking and progressing to the triumphs of pinnacle perception and love for the Messiah. The true cross-disciple captures the mind of Christ, develops the heart of Christ, and then lives for the mission of Christ. The abundant life is learning, sacrificing, experiencing, and sharing what it means to be full of grace and truth. Grace is God’s love initiatives on our behalf. Truth is the standards of His reality that cannot be ignored. The Word—Christ Jesus—became flesh and He was full of love and reality, the gift He brought to give you fullness if you receive it and believe it.


Dr. H.D. McCarty, Chairman
Mr. Scott Bull, Vice Chairman — President, Pace Industries
Mr. Bill Bradley — CEO, Washington Regional Medical Center
Mr. Richard Greene
Mr. Howard Hamilton — Arch President, Liberty National Bank
Mr. Jim Lindsey — President, Lindsey and Associates
Mr. Daniel Maestri — Owner, Mary Maestri’s Restaurant
Dr. David McClinton — Chairman, Board of Directors, Bank of Fayetteville (retired)
Dr. Bobby New — Superintendant, Fayetteville Schools (retired); Col., USA (retired)
Mr. Don Pitts — Owner/President, United Bilt Homes and United Bank
Mr. Gus Rusher — Executive Vice President, Priority Bank
Mr. Ken Stuckey — Director of Development, Pace Industries
Mr. David Williams