Invincible Comprehension Always Defeats Inescapable Conflict

I’m a committed believer in the fact that all reality is triune. Nothing really exists for us or has full meaning unless we see the three parts, the three essences, the three facts, the three expressions that make it what it is. This given in our creation begins with our belief in the triune God so clearly revealed in the Old and New Testaments. Even our Lord Jesus spoke of the three when He commanded that His followers should be baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matt. 28:19). In heaven we envision our Godhead as three personages relating to us as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I like to think of them is our Father Creator–Son Redeemer– Spirit Perfecter Lord. The triunities of Scripture and our triunities of human experience abound. (Every reality we experience is a mix of the self, the issue, and the truth!) I encourage you to pursue your own study and appropriation of these illuminating and powerful threes. It is my conviction that Triune Thinking alone will open up our lives to the revelations of God and the realities of mankind!

The “trinity” I want to mention today was given to me by my greatest life mentor, J. Sidlow Baxter. What refreshing and compelling insights about the Savior Sid gave me for the last 30 years of his life. He preached in my church about a dozen times, we spoke regularly on the phone, and I conducted his funeral in Santa Barbara, California, after his “home going” at the age of 96. He pastored three great churches in England, was a world recognized theologian and preacher, and the author of over 30 books, two of which sold over a million copies each, and this was before the days of Amazon!

Some years ago I was discussing with Sid one of my current battles in the church. I had pastored there for over 25 years at the time, but the weaknesses of the flesh never stop! It was the usual conflict with a few of the people, some issue I’ve now forgotten, finding the truth about the problem, and then deciding how the Lord wanted me to fit in to the solution! It should be obvious to all of us those struggles will never end until Jesus comes! I mentioned to him a few of the things that I had tried, and he counseled me, commended me, and corrected me. But then he ended with a triune bit of advice that I shall joyfully possess until my dying day! I’m trusting you’ll remember also as the triune truth of it will certainly calm, control, and conquer every situation you may experience in or confront as you seek to take up your cross and repeat the Lord’s life!

I can still hear his distinct and wonderful English accented voice telling me that I must stay focused on three things as I sought to be the Savior’s example and lead others in following Jesus: “Our conflict is inescapable. Our alliance is invincible. Our triumph is inevitable.”

After Sid shared that triune formula with me, I knew instantly what I should do: move from step one to step two and explore afresh the precise wonder and power of drawing on that invincible alliance with the Master. In time I know He will give me personal victory, grant me deeper understanding of cross triumph, and, finally, make me an overcomer regardless of what I’m going through. It doesn’t matter how bad it is, how long it is, how complex it is, or how painful it is, no problem or crisis is more powerful than the explosive energy the Lord has put in me through His resurrection Spirit. Every earnest disciple should memorize Romans 8:11, “Do you not understand that the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is alive in you? That same Spirit will do in you what He did in Jesus. He will also bring the energy and life of Godhead resurrection into your hours and minutes to the measure of your belief and trust!” (NIV, Greek, HDM, Peterson).

I urge all of you, my dear friends, to commit this little formula to memory and action! Once we truly admit that our human difficulties, despairs, defeats, and duties are inescapable, we will pursue with renewed fervency and cross authenticity the Scriptural promises teaching us that our Lord within us is invincible. It is then, to be gloriously experienced, that our triumph over every situation we face will be inevitable! Let us continually praise Messiah Jesus for this triune formula for overcoming! All of our waking hours and minutes can be filled and refilled with resurrection energy starting right now!